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Must Dos in Munich

1. Visit a beer garden: It hardly gets more authentic than having a truly Bavarian beer garden experience.

2. Have a Bavarian breakfast: While you’re at the beer garden, why not complete your Munich experience with a proper breakfast of Weißwurst (white veal and herb sausage) with sweet mustard and a pretzel? Ask a local to help you “skin” the sausage the right way.

3. Visit Eisbachwelle: There is no ocean near Munich, but that won’t prevent people from walking around in wetsuits, barefoot, with a surfboard under their arm. Eisbachwelle is the largest and undoubtedly best city centre location for river surfing.

4. Learn Bavarian: The traditional dialect spoken in Bavaria can be a bit confusing – even for Germans. A few useful phrases include “Grüss Gott” (for “Hello”), “Brez’n” for pretzel or “No a Mass, biddscheen” (“another beer, please.”).

5. Visit a museum for €1 on Sundays: The city is bursting with history, art and science museums; and while all shops and supermarkets are closed on Sundays, this is the day for culture vultures.

6. Eat at Viktualienmarkt: Foodies unite! Satisfy all your food cravings at Munich’s most popular food market right in the city centre. It’s open every day and frequented by locals and visitors alike.

7. Most #Instagrammable place: If your friends and family aren’t envious enough of your UEFA EURO 2020 trip yet, snap your selfie in front of Monopteros. The pavilion in Englischer Garten is the perfect setting for your dreamy sunset photo.

8. Best place for scenic views: Climb all the way up to the top of St. Peter’s Church for unprecedented views of the old town and (on a clear day) the snow-capped Alpine mountains.

Off the beaten path

⚽ For football fans

The New Town Hall is the home of politics in Munich and its balcony is also the place where Bayern München greet their fans when they’ve won a championship – which has been happening quite a lot lately. The tours available for tourists will take you through the grand rooms of “Neues Rathaus” and the balcony, where you can practise lifting your imaginary trophy.

Book your tour at the tourist information centre.

🍃 Day trip

If you have an extra day to spare, make your way to Neuschwanstein Castle, the fairy-tale castle that inspired the setting for Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. It’s about two hours outside Munich and, because everyone wants to see this architectural wonder in its wonderful alpine setting, make sure you book well in advance.




How are you?
Wie geht’s?


Where is the stadium?
Wo geht’s zum Stadion?

Germany will win EURO 2020.
Deutschland wird Europameister.